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2016 Board of Director’s Application

A message from your 2015-2016 Georgia HOSA Board Chair, Kellie Seawright

"We exist to shape the future delivery of quality healthcare to all people."

As a HOSA board member, I was able to positively impact my students beyond the classroom and share experiences with them that will leave a lasting influence on their future careers as healthcare professionals. I had the opportunity to expose my students to the real world value of their studies through various HOSA events and activities, in turn helping them develop leadership and other desirable life skills. 

By volunteering your time and talent, you get to contribute to a continually improving organization whose focus will not only change things for current members, but can have a lasting impact on healthcare in the future.  Being a board member has allowed me to grow not only as a teacher and advisor, but also as an individual.  As a new HOSA Advisor in 2005, initially my thoughts centered on what HOSA could do for me and my students; however, my viewpoint quickly changed to thinking of a bigger picture: what HOSA can and needs to do for all members and advisors. I now have a greater appreciation for the hard work and efforts that go into making all of the events successful, especially the parts that often go unnoticed. It's extremely rewarding knowing that I am a small, but significant, part of an organization that encourages, supports, and enables young people to reach their fullest potential and allows them to experience amazing opportunities they never knew existed.

Serving on the board has been such an eye-opening experience to see what all goes into planning and executing a conference, competitive events, training, and advisor development, etc.  Each board member brings a unique perspective - whether they come from a small or large school - as we are presented with the important task of deciding what is best for all members and how we can make GA HOSA stand out among the other CTSOs through a collaborative effort.  It has truly been an unforgettable experience and I am so grateful that God allows me to be part of such an amazing organization that helps shape the future generation of healthcare.

If you are interested in serving the organization as a Board of Director's member, please see the application packet below or you can locate it in your Chapter Management Guide.

Board of Director's Application