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2017-2018 HOSA Heroes

This year, Georgia HOSA boasts over 15,600 members. There are many exceptional members who go above and beyond to serve others, their community, and HOSA. At State Leadersip Confernece, 8 of those members will be recognized during the Recognition Session on Friday for being a 2018 HOSA Hero. Read below and see a few of the things that make these HOSA Heroes shine!


Kenleigh Barnes-Newton College and Career Academy

Kenleigh represented Georgia HOSA with professionalism and enthusiasm at ILC as one of our voting delegates. She took time away from her trip to help select the next National Officers and vote on motions. Thank you Kenleigh for serving Georgia!

Deh’Ja White-North Springs High School

Deh’Ja attended Officer Jumpstart North and was the first person to jump up to participate or ask a question. Her enthusiasm created such a positive atmosphere, and she made a conscious effort to gain ideas from others chapters. Thank you Deh’Ja for being such a wonderful participant!

India Ward-Luella High School

India has worked hard throughout the year being noticed at Officer Jumpstart where she led her team throughout the day, to Winter State Officer training where she helped the State Executive Council prepare for SLC. She always brings a positive and energetic attitude to any Georgia HOSA event. Thank you India for being an enthusiastic leader!

Pranav Batchu-South Forsyth Middle School

Pranav has shown incredible leadership ability as a young middle schooler. We are looking forward to seeing him grow and have already seen such development from first meeting him at Officer JumpStart. At Officer JumpStart, he always contributed in such a mature manner while bringing an amazing energy to the group. Thank you Pranav for creating your future in HOSA!

Jay Parimi-Lambert High School

Jay always maintains a positive attitude in every situation, even when things don’t go as planned. He has attended every conference this year, and brings a lively energy to each one. Jay’s initiative to reach out to other chapters truly shows his love for this organization and all of its members. Thank you Jay for bringing a bright light to HOSA!

Easton Cummings-Brantley Middle School

Easton, in middle school, shows incredible focus and leadership ability. She attended Officer JumpStart, where she was ready to join in every activity while bringing new and creative ideas to the group. We are looking forward to seeing her continue to grow in HOSA. Thank you Easton for being an amazing HOSA leader!

D’onni Hector-Locust Grove High School

D’onni and her officer team hosted Officer JumpStart Central and D’onni played in integral role as Co-President leading her team to set up a great event. She has also done an amazing job with her other Locust Grove HOSA officers in supporting her Co-President, Sasha Roberts, in her battle with cancer. We are all #TeamSasha in this HOSA family.  Thank you D’onni for always taking care of others!

Shelby Smiley-Camden County High School

Shelby will never be seen without a smile on her face, no pun intended! She brings a light into the world of everyone she meets, while showing other HOSA members what it means to be the Better Candidate. Being an active member in HOSA, Shelby has grown so much throughout this year. Thank you Shelby for bringing a positive energy to HOSA!