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2018 State Leadership Conference Live Broadcast

After an entire year of preparing for your competitive event, State Leadership Conference is your time to show off your knowledge, skills, and hard work! None could imagine how many hours you have put into your competition, but you know that the gold medal should be coming home with you! Once you begin your journey with HOSA’s competitive event program, you are hooked, and only those that have competed know how true this is! And only those that have competed and successfully made it on stage as a top competitor understand that when you make it that far, you want to share it with just about everyone you know!

You wish your family, friends, and teachers were there to watch you be successful and share your excitement at that exact moment. You're in luck, because you can share that amazing experience LIVE brought to you by the U.S. Army. Georgia HOSA is proud to announce that we will be streaming Opening, Recognition, and Grand Awards Session on Facebook Live! As if this year's State Leadership Conference was not big enough already! Share this with your friends, family, and supporters so they can see how HOSA is preparing you to be the future of health care.

Visit the Georgia HOSA Facebook page for live streaming of the largest state conference in HOSA's history!

Thursday-March 8, 2018

Opening Session 1: 7:30pm

Opening Session 2: 9:45pm

Friday-March 9, 2018

Recognition Session: 6:30pm

Saturday-March 10, 2018

Grand Awards 1: 9:00am

Grand Awards 2: 10:45am