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Students Teach Teachers

Johnson High School HOSA/CTAE healthcare pathway students spend the...

CTAE & CTSO: Closing the Talent Gap

Handshakes. How to put in an IV. How to talk to a patient's family...

Fall Leadership Rally

The Georgia HOSA Fall Leadership Rally is an event for...

Fall Leadership Conference

HOSA Week celebrates the involvement of members across the...

2017-2018 SEC Member Tribute

15,602 Members. 310 Chapters. 1 Georgia HOSA. This is the amazing organization we were chosen to lead. Since the 2017 State Leadership Conference wher

Charity: Water

I spy a certain substance. It's color is rather clear. It’s a liquid. It can be ingested into your body. In fact, about 55-75% of your body is made up

The Power of Air

Each day as babies are born around the world, many struggle to take that first breath. Yearly, almost a million newborns die at birth

World Vegetarian Day-Get the Facts

Being vegetarian holds several misconceptions, ranging from only eating leaves to not gaining any protein. However when you delve deeper into the subj

Innovate-Inspire-Ignite. Are you ready?

At the 2015 National Leadership Conference in Anaheim, California, the theme for the upcoming year was revealed.

E. Coli: From Food Poisoning to Healing

When you think of E. coli what comes to mind? The bad fish you ate that made you sick for a few days or the bacteria known for causing illnesses. But,

August 2015 HOSA Hero: Jordan Ayers

Georgia HOSA is pleased to congratulate one of our members a rising senior from Ola High School, Jordan Ayers, as the HOSA Hero for the month of July

Back to School With a Purpose

As summer break is winding down, we must prepare ourselves for the upcoming school season. Now, we all know what the typical back to school season is

June 2015 HOSA Hero: Kassidy Krupit

Georgia HOSA is pleased to congratulate one of our members from Lambert High School, Kassidy Krupit, as the HOSA Hero for the month of May.

What is a HOSA Hero?

Georgia HOSA is extremely excited to announce a new opportunity for its members to be showcased, HOSA Heroes.