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CTAE & CTSO: Closing the Talent Gap

Handshakes. How to put in an IV. How to talk to a patient's family with compassion when a tragic diagnosis arises. These are skills students aren’t learning in literature and algebra. While all classes are important, Career, Technical and Agricultural Education and Career Technical Student Organizations, such as HOSA, are preparing students for college and career readiness. Students in a career pathway and CTSO are better prepared for the working world and all that college throws at them. How do we know this?! Let's check out the facts! 

Graduation Rates

Students not in a CTAE and CTSO: 79.2%

Students in a CTAE pathway and CTSO: 94.9%


Georgia Partnership for Excellence in Education held a forum on Closing the Talent Gap and past Georgia HOSA President, Ayesha Ahuja, had the pleasure of serving as a speaker on the forum. Check out the video below to watch the forum and hear why CTAE and CTSO are working together to close the talent gap between high school graduation and the working world.

GA Partnership Forum