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Meet Me Monday- Faith Ediae-Holly

Each Monday for the month of April, you will get the chance to read an article written by one of your state officers about themselves. Get ready to learn more about your State Executive Council!

This Monday, meet your Georgia HOSA President, Faith Ediae-Holly!

Hello Georgia HOSA, my name is Faith Ediae-Holly, and I am proud to be serving as your 2019-2020 state President-elect! I currently attend Etowah High School in Woodstock, Georgia, where I participate in multiple clubs, and I can honestly say that HOSA as an organization has ignited a greater passion for healthcare and leadership within me than ever before. Prior to joining HOSA, I was well aware of the fact that I wanted to become a health professional in the future, but being introduced to this organization really solidified my goal for my future career.

Just to get to know me a little better, I am currently a junior in high school, and I am apart of Beta Cub, National English Honors Society, the East Wing Tutoring Center, and of course HOSA. One of the things I really enjoy at school is my foreign language class, Chinese! I have been taking it for the past four years, and taking the class has instilled in me an even greater appreciation for cultures. I am Jamaican and Nigerian, so I am constantly exposed to a rich culture inside my own home, so I make it a goal of mine to understand other people’s cultures as well. My family has moved eight times, moving back and forth to Georgia twice (crazy, I know!) and each state taught my family something new, whether it was here in Georgia, New York, Alaska, Montana, Texas, and California.

From an early age, I knew that I wanted to either be a doctor or a criminal justice lawyer, and one of the major reasons I wanted to pursue healthcare was because of my parents work in the healthcare field. It was in seventh grade that I decided I wanted to become either a neurologist or a cardiologist. Fast forward to freshman year of high school, and I had enrolled in the health science pathway at my school, the very first year they had offered it as a course. It was also the very first year of my school’s HOSA chapter, and my advisor had asked us all to join after showing us a State Leadership Conference flashback video, and from there it all began. My involvement in HOSA was its greatest in my sophomore year when I began to participate in our chapter’s events such as blood drives, community service initiatives, and more, but it was also the first year I attended a State Leadership Conference and competed in a competitive event. I can still remember the first opening session I attended and how excited the state officers actually made me to be there, and that was a large part of the reason I applied to be a state officer.

Now, as your state President-elect, I hope to spark that same excitement into other members, whether we are at a conference or just through a simple correspondence to your chapter. Throughout my term, I want every Georgia HOSA member to feel as though they can ask me or any other state officer any question they may have in order for this year in Georgia HOSA to be the best!

Come back next week to meet another member of your State Executive Council!