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Meet Me Monday- Vaidehi Patel

Hello Georgia HOSA! My name is Vaidehi Patel and I am proudly serving as your 2019-2020 State Vice President. The name might be hard at first, but it will get easier over time. I am a junior at Colquitt County High School (the Packers). Where I live, I can go to Tallahassee in an hour. Yup, I live in the very south of Georgia. Here’s a little bit about me.

    I was born in Elgin, Illinois (about 1 hour away from Chicago) on November 16, 2001. I had lived in Pennsylvania for about 6 years before moving to Georgia. When I first started school, I had not a single clue on how to speak english. Frustrated, I was ready to give up but I continued trying and trying until I finally got it. Since then, I’ve kept up my motivation in school and have been a part of several things. I have been a part of several different CTSOs since 6th grade and competed in several competitions at state and national level. I am a member of the Healthy Colquitt Coalition partnership with UGA where we work with individuals and programs from around the country to develop a better, healthier community. I have played the flute in my concert band for 6 years now. Along with the school extra-curricular activities, I am closely involved with BAPS’ youth organization where I serve as a grouplead for younger girls. I am very interested in the brain and surgery and aspire to be a neurosurgeon in the future.

    My HOSA journey started last year when I came to my first SLC to compete in HOSA Bowl. Being in an environment where I was constantly surrounded by people with the same passion for healthcare that I had, left me thinking about different ways through which I could really become active in HOSA. I ran for an officer position on my local chapter officer team and was able to work with a fabulous team in community services such as volunteer work and blood drives and developing our chapter. When I attended officer jumpstart at ABAC and saw the state officers exuding leadership and passion for HOSA, I knew that I wanted to do the same. Since then, my journey to becoming a state officer began.

    Now as your State Vice President, I would like to help fuel your passion and encourage you to become active members in HOSA. I strive to help you realize your potential as a healthcare professional and a leader so you can use it as motivation to make a difference in your community and become the future of healthcare. If we haven’t met, I can’t wait to meet you at ILC in Orlando, Florida and other HOSA events throughout the year!