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Save our Planet Earth- Somer Dahme

Stand still in the green grass outside

Listen to the leaves where the breeze glides

Close your eyes and feel the sun

Breathe, for spring has just begun


Watch the ants, one by one

Working until the day is done

See the birds fly here and there

Their unique songs fill the air


Dare to dance in the rain

Or bury your feet under a billion sand grains

Stretch your hands up to the sky

And watch the delicate clouds pass by


Climb up to the highest mountain peak

Swim down the quiet creek

Lay near the shore of a lake

Rise to watch the sun awake


Put away the phone

And start enjoying this home

Stop taking and start giving

By recycling, reducing, and reusing


The Earth needs our care

Take a hand and do your share

It’s never too late to start

Don’t let this beauty fall apart


There is still so much to discover

Earth is filled with mysteries yet to uncover

The Earth is a marvelous treasure

We must take care of this gift forever