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Students Teach Teachers

-Johnson High School HOSA/CTAE healthcare pathway students spend the day teaching JHS staff the importance of hands-only CPR, AED, and EPIPEN training.-

On August 25, 2017, Johnson High School students and staff took advantage of an incredible teaching opportunity. Lead by their HOSA advisors, Becky Maddox and Casey Fleury, JHS students got the opportunity of a lifetime to put their skills to work. They got the chance to “teach the teachers” as Johnson High School took part in its first ever training for teachers. The JHS healthcare pathway students and JHS HOSA taught teachers the importance of hands-only CPR, how to administer an EpiPen, and how to use an AED, including locations throughout the school - which many teachers didn't know.

As a result of this incredible moment, they were able to get reporter Norm Cannada and photographer Scott Rogers from the Gainesville Times to report about the training. Students involved taught everything with little help from the advisors, and the teachers were surprised with just how much the students knew and how educated they were on each topic. JHS HOSA hopes to continue learning, growing, teaching, and “Creating their Futures."