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Health Science Teachers

"When I think of HOSA, I think of all the times that past and present administrative personnel have asked me for grading rubrics and "performance" assessments. I didn't have to re-invent the wheel… I was able to view/print & use the various rubrics at"

Mark Elsey, M.Ed., NREMT-P
EMS Training Chief/Paramedic Instructor
Westlake High School

TEACHERS, We Make Your Job Easier By:

  1. Providing teaching resources for your classroom

  2. Joining our network of other Georgia HOSA Advisors

  3. Helping your program succeed by providing an environment of student involvement and achievement recognition


The population of healthcare science teachers involved in HOSA is more than 220 strong. So many teachers involve themselves in HOSA because of how rewarding it is to be an advisor and how much easier it makes their job as an instructor. Becoming a HOSA advisor initiates a lasting bond between student and teacher as both work toward a common chapter goal.

"...Georgia HOSA is an absolute must to give your students a sense of pride in their program and a sense of adventure in their academic studies that can seem mundane to them."      -Sandra Ukah-

Ideas and resources are constantly being shared amongst teachers, and add to the benefits of becoming a HOSA advisor. These resources have passed the test of time and effectiveness as they engage students and create a more interactive classroom. Some of these resources can be found below, while others can be discovered from the over 185 healthcare science teachers that are taking this CTSO by storm!

Chapter Management Guide

Chapter Spotlight

Shiloh High School Creates Mock CVS Pharmacy Image

Shiloh High School Creates Mock CVS Pharmacy

The pharmaceutical industry is always looking for knowledgable students looking to further their career as pharmacists, technicians, consultants, and


2017-2018 SEC Member Tribute Image

2017-2018 SEC Member Tribute

15,602 Members. 310 Chapters. 1 Georgia HOSA. This is the amazing organization we were chosen to lead. Since the 2017 State Leadership Conference wher